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Industry Programs

Working with someone who takes the time to understand your unique insurance needs can both save you money and provide you with better protection.

Residential Contracting

Meeting the changing needs of residential builders & remodeling contractors is one of our agency’s strong points. To meet the insurance and risk management needs of our contractor clients; Corcoran & Havlin has secured an exclusive program to provide General Liability, Tools & Equipment, Builders Risk and Workers Compensation insurance. For qualifying contractors this program provides the coverage they need at substantial cost savings over comparable surplus lines policies. In addition, Corcoran & Havlin can access virtually all other insurers to ensure you have the coverage you require. Safety programs and other valuable resources are available to our clients to help keeps claims to a minimum.

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The Technology industry is one with an evolving array of specialties in services and products. Corcoran & Havlin is a leader in providing custom products and solutions to protect domestic and global businesses in the following areas:

  • Technology Errors & Omissions Liability
  • Internet Liability
  • Intellectual Property Liability
  • Directors & Officers Liability
  • Employment Practices Liability

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Corcoran & Havlin specializes in assisting New England Transportation and Livery businesses with their insurance needs. This primarily includes limousine and bus companies. Our comprehensive insurance program includes: Commercial Auto Coverage- protection for your vehicles and your employees who drive them. Property Protection- protects buildings and business personal property, such as equipment, supplies, tools, computers, and office machines- even the personal property of your employees that may be used on the job. Business Interruption coverage may also be included.

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Home Inspectors

Corcoran & Havlin Insurance represents a special insurance program for ASHI New England. This program is underwritten by AIG’s Lexington Insurance Company which is rated A++ my A.M. Best and will enable Home Inspector professionals to comply with laws requiring Errors & Omission coverage.
Our program is available in New England and offers the following features:

  • Available claims made coverage
  • Prior acts coverage included at no additional premium
  • Radon coverage available
  • Commercial Inspections
  • Additional discounts for firms with more than two inspectors
  • Various coverage limits available

Home Inspector Insurance Primer

“General Liability” provides coverage while you are
performing the inspection and at your office. You have
two exposures while you are performing the inspection:
(1) Property Damage, such as your ladder falling over and
breaking the windshield of the homeowner’s auto; and
(2) Bodily Injury, such as your ladder falling over and hitting
the homeowners child on the head.
These are the types of exposures for which you purchase

“Professional Liability” provides coverage for actual or
alleged errors & omissions in your Inspection Report. Again,
you have two exposures:

(1) Property Damage, for example you may have missed a
leaking roof; and (2) Bodily Injury, a basement stair riser is
several inches different than the rest, you didn’t report it,
and the buyer’s child falls down the steps suffering injury.
As you can see, Bodily Injury exposure is the one with the
greatest potential for large claim settlements.

When you have one limit for both
types of insurance, you expose yourself to using up your
policy aggregate. If you have a large Professional Liability
settlement you may have no insurance for a serious
General Liability claim.

Contact Debi Drury at (800) 304-8242 Ext. 244 or send her an E-Mail with any questions. DDrury@chinsurance.com

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Fuel Oil Dealers

Corcoran & Havlin specializes in insuring Fuel Oil Dealers throughout New England. Currently, our client base consists of over 70 Fuel Oil Dealers in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.
As a result of our significant volume in the Fuel Oil business, Corcoran & Havlin has direct access to three separate insurers who have the ability to provide all the unique coverages needed to properly insure this class of business.
The Corcoran & Havlin Insurance Group is a proud member of the Massachusetts Oil Heat Council and the Oil Heat Council of New Hampshire. We understand the challenges of the Fuel Oil business and its unique exposures.

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Manufacturing / Wholesalers & Retailers

These business segments are the main appetite of just about every insurance company, most of whom offer specialized coverage to meet any customers specific needs. Corcoran & Havlin will conduct a review of your insurance exposures and needs, and with our broad company representation we will tailor an insurance program for your business that brings together the value of broad coverage and competitive pricing.

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As you know, the restaurant business is nothing if not unpredictable. You need coverage that anticipates a wide range of possibilities.
We asked restaurant owners and managers what they want from their agent, coverage and insurance carrier – then we created The Five Star Program for Restaurants. It combines broad protection and excellent service for policyholders with an exclusive pricing methodology that is unique. The result is a program that is the most comprehensive in the industry – and is tailored to the needs of you and your business. Whether you are a seafood restaurant, a French bistro or a cafĂ©, we can offer you protection for almost any loss or damage that happens to your business.
Here’s what Corcoran & Havlin’s Five Star Restaurant Program offers you:

  • Property Coverage
  • Spoilage of food and beverages caused by a mechanical breakdown or failure of your refrigeration equipment.
  • Money and Securities, including not only cash taken in, but stolen credit card receipts and traveler’s checks.
  • Building Ordinance coverage provides you with extra protection to enable you to rebuild in compliance with local, potentially expensive building codes in the event of a covered loss.
  • Employee Dishonesty, such as theft of cash from the register, theft of silver or linens and credit card fraud.
  • Business income will reimburse you for lost profits and continuing expenses of fire or property damage, for a period of time selected by you at the beginning of your coverage.
  • Business income lost from the forced closure of your restaurant due to alleged food poisoning.
  • Damage or theft of customers’ property in your care, such as coats, briefcases and hats.
  • Recharging fire extinguishing systems if they are discharged.
  • Sign, glass, awnings and antennas.
  • Machinery and Equipment Breakdown.

General Liability Coverage

The Five Star Program’s general liability coverage not only gives you what you would expect from any major carrier, but what you want – and what many restaurant owners have told us they need, to do business. We offer you:

  • Valet Parking Coverage, which includes your liability for damage to your customer’s cars.
  • Discrimination coverage for other than employment-related activities, such as when a customer claims they received poor service because of race, religion or gender.
  • Extended Medical Payments coverage for illness or injuries suffered by your customers on your premises, such as those resulting from contaminated meat, spoiled fish, salad with a splinter of wood in it, or food that induces allergic reaction.
  • Tenant Legal Liability Coverage for:
  • Damage to your rented or leased building
  • The building owners as an additional insured
  • Worldwide coverage for all kinds of business-related events, such as a wine-buying trip to France (should you accidentally destroy a case of fine wines) you’re automatically protected.

Liquor Liability Coverage

This protects you in the event of a claim involving an intoxicated patron; it automatically includes the building owner as an additional insured.

Commercial Automobile Coverage

Automobiles owned for business use are well protected, with up to $1 million in automobile liability. Several deductible options are also available to customize an insurance program to best suit your needs. Direct primary Valet Parking Coverage is available to protect your patron’s vehicles in your care, custody and control. Bodily injury and property damage caused by your valet parking staff while driving customers’ vehicles are covered as well.

Umbrella Liability Coverage

This provides your restaurant with higher limits of liability coverage with no deductible.

Our Unique Pricing System

Takes your restaurant and how you run it into account – so your premiums are priced fairly.
To give you a fair and reasonable rate, we evaluate your business according to a scale by which we judge all other restaurants, and price your insurance accordingly. Safety hazards, safety equipment and other procedures are all taken into account.
At Corcoran & Havlin, we see our job as more than just covering you in event of loss or damage. We also want to help you prevent every possible accident or mishap that is preventable. Ultimately, this saves both of us money. So we look at what type of restaurant you have – and how careful you and your employees are about safeguarding yourselves, your property, and your customers. Our pricing system is set up so that we can fairly and accurately evaluate risk potential, and give you a fair price in return.

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Social Services

Corcoran & Havlin is an industry leader and partner to non profit organizations, human social service providers and non-profit community health centers. The agency has developed a number of carrier programs which serve the vast majority of non profit organizations. As the exclusive endorsed insurance agent for the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network, Inc., Corcoran & Havlin has structured customized insurance coverages to specifically to address the exposures of non profits.

In addition, Corcoran & Havlin has negotiated preferred premiums which all non-profits can take advantage of as a Massachusetts Nonprofit Network member. Corcoran & Havlin is also the endorsed agent for the Commonwealth Purchasing Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers. All of our program offerings include products from the top carriers in the industry for: Property, General Liability, Workers’ Compensation, Automobile, Umbrella and Professional Liability. Our firm is especially adept at assessing your exposures to loss and providing the best coverage and cost solutions. In addition to package insurance solutions, Corcoran & Havlin has exclusive coverage designs for Director’s & Officers liability with preferred premium rates.

Types of Insurance

  • Directors & Officers
  • Fiduciary Liability
  • General Liability
  • Builders Risk
  • Product (Crop) / Property Protection
  • Product Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Employment Related Practices Liability
  • Excess Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Commercial Auto
  • Cyber Security

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