Value Added Services

Corcoran & Havlin Benefits Group assists clients in developing a strategic plan that carefully balances the benefit plan interests of both the employer and its employees.

Customized Employee Benefits Website

  • As a Corcoran & Havlin client, you will receive a custom designed website for your employees to view their full benefit options.
  • The website will include information regarding your Medical, Dental, Prescription Drug, Vision, Life, Disability, Paid Time Off and Retirement plans.
  • A detailed description of the contributions and eligibility requirements will be designed to your specific plan

Communication Materials & Open Enrollment

  • Your C&H team will create benefit summaries to explain the plan in plain language to your employees.
  • We will assist you in drafting communication notices to employees.
  • C&H will organize and present to your employees during open enrollment.
  • We will create a presentation detailing all of your benefits.


  • Corcoran & Havlin alleviates the administrative burden of handling COBRA responsibilities by outsourcing the process to a third party expert at no additional cost.
  • We will handle all aspects of COBRA including notices to new employees, notices to terminated employees, premium billing and collection.
  • Also, by outsourcing your COBRA, you no longer take the legal and financial risks of being non-compliant.

Wellness Programs

  • Corcoran & Havlin will conduct an annual health fair that may include employee biometric administered by health care professionals.
  • This will promote a healthy lifestyle, productivity and controls absenteeism.
  • It also helps control workers’ comp and disability management claim costs.

ACA Compliance & Planning 

  • We will provide full ACA consulting to assess the potential risks and penalties for your company.
  • We will design a strategy to help your company reach a “safe harbor” status to avoid penalties.
  • We will help in the filling of annual ACA reports.
  • We will provide on-demand resources to answer your pressing ACA compliance questions.

Dependent Eligibility Audit

  • Corcoran & Havlin will conduct a comprehensive audit of your employees dependent’s to determine that everyone on your plan is eligible to be on your plan.
  • Typically, 2-8% of those enrolled are ineligible.
  • Terminating ineligible dependents saves an employer 5% (on average) of their premium.

HR Assistance 
(Compliance & Administration)

  • Corcoran & Havlin provides on-line access to MyWave with thousands of pages of HR content including federal and state employment law information.
  • You will receive a copy of our monthly newsletter, Benefits Alert.
  • We provide online HR tools including an interactive Salary Benchmarking Tool.
  • Our web site includes over 500 customizable and downloadable HR forms.
  • Access to our HR Hotline which is staffed by experienced HR professionals who average more than 15 years. Our experts can help with a wide range of topics, including benefits, federal compliance, employment law, wage and hour, discipline and terminations, hiring, workers' comp and more.
  • Our clients have access to an Employee Benefits and ERISA attorney who draft or review all plans documents and Summary Plan Descriptions (SPD).
  • Corcoran & Havlin will assist your company by providing signature ready 5500 forms.