Auto Insurance

Accidents can happen at any time, even to the most experienced driver. To be sure you can get back on the road quickly after an accident, it’s imperative that you have Auto Insurance. 

Auto Insurance covers damages to your vehicle that resulted from an accident, or other covered event. It also helps to cover medical expenses of anyone who is injured as a result of an accident caused by you or your vehicle. Auto Insurance can also help get you back on your feet if your car is damaged in some other way (ex. wind, fire) or is stolen. 

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all insurance policy, so whether you drive a car, a motorcycle, or anything in between, let Corcoran & Havlin find the right coverage for you. 

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Motor Vehicle Registry Services - no more waiting in lines at the Registry!

In an effort to ensure the highest possible level of service, the Corcoran & Havlin Insurance Group provides all clients with in-house Registry of Motor Vehicle Services for our Wellesley office.

What is EVR?

Corcoran & Havlin Insurance Group is an approved Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR) Service Provider with the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. We can perform the following registry functions:

  • Registration renewals
  • Issue new plates and decals
  • Transfer plates between vehicles
  • Issue trailer plates over 3,000 lbs
  • Process certain renewals
  • Cancel plates

We carry a variety of license plates, including special plates for Cape and Island, United We Stand, Red Sox, Bruins, and Patriots. For a nominal fee, we have been able to assist hundreds of our clients each year saving them countless hours of traveling to and waiting in long lines at the Registry. 

For those transactions we are unable to process at our Wellesley location, we provide a runner’s service that will take your paperwork to the RMV for processing and return within 48 hours.



If you are unsure of the availability of a specific Registry Service provided in our office, please contact your Corcoran & Havlin Account Manager at 781-235-3100.

Classic Auto

Car collectors are passionate about the details. But when it comes to insurance, you don’t have to settle for the one size fits all insurers. 

Corcoran & Havlin Classic Auto Insurance program provides protection for classics, exotics, hot rods, and imports. 

  • Better Coverage for Less- Corcoran & Havlin’s specialty classic car insurance carriers provide lower rates than standard auto insurance companies
  • Flexible Mileage- Enjoy the freedom of a customized mileage tier that fits your driving needs
  • Agreed Value Coverage- You can count on full value payment for your classic car in the event of a total loss
  • Multi Vehicle Discount- the more collector cars you insure, the more you save!

Group Auto

Corcoran & Havlin Insurance Group is pleased to offer the following associations or employer sponsored automobile insurance discount programs for their employees or members exclusively through Corcoran & Havlin Insurance Group:

  • Commerce AAA
  • Boston University Law School Alumni
  • Medfield Teachers Association
  • St. Anselm College Alumni Association
  • The Wellesley Bank
  • The Wellesley Municipal Employees Federal Credit Union

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Flood coverage is generally excluded on the basic Homeowners policy. However, some Homeowners policies provide coverage for backup of sewers and drains that cause flooding in your basement. This coverage can be purchased for a nominal premium. Check with your insurance agent to see if this coverage is applicable to you & get you a quote.

If, however, you live in a flood-prone area, you should consider, and may be required by your lending institution, to purchase a flood insurance policy. Contact your agent to learn more about the Federal Flood Insurance Plan, the exclusions, and the limitations of coverage in these policies.
If you are a named insured on a Massachusetts Auto policy, the coverage travels with you when you rent or borrow a car. If you have collision and comprehensive coverage and are involved in an accident or the vehicle is damaged, then your policy would respond as if it were your car. Your liability limits will also travel with you. Keep in mind, that this only applies to the named insured (owners) listed at the top of the policy - not all drivers. If there is someone who has access to your vehicle on a regular basis, they should be added to your policy. Also note that any “loss of income” charges that a rental contract may make you responsible for are not covered. We recommend calling us to discuss before renting a car.

No, your policy does not provide coverage for a rented or borrowed truck. If you are renting a truck, you should check with the rental company regarding the purchase of collision and comprehensive insurance. If you are borrowing a truck, make sure you determine whether or not the owner has purchased collision or comprehensive coverage. If the owner does not have insurance, you may be personally liable for any damage to that truck which is the result of your negligent operation.

We offer many Registry of Motor Vehicle services in our Wellesley office. Many transactions can also be completed online. However, there are certain transactions must still be completed at the RMV. Contact us with any questions you have about our RMV services.

Younger drivers are more expensive to insure due to their driving inexperience. A young driver with a permit is not obliged to be added to an auto policy however once they are licensed they are required to be added on to your policy. Some potential savings for teen drivers include: 
  1. Good Student discount: Many insurance companies offer a discount for students who maintain a B or better average GPA.
  2. Driver’s education: Many companies will provide a discount for teens that have attended a driver’s education course.

The Massachusetts personal auto policy only applies in the United States, its territories, possessions and Canada. If you plan to travel or rent a vehicle outside of these areas you must purchase insurance from the rental agency. If you are planning to travel to Canada in the future, please be sure to contact our office for a Canada card to show proof of automobile coverage.

  • Purchase Guaranteed Replacement Cost coverage on your home & household contents (if available) or Extended Replacement Cost coverage.
  • Purchase Replacement Cost coverage on your household contents.
  • Videotape or photograph your house or apartment (including all contents owned).
  • Obtain appraisals when appropriate.
  • Keep sales receipts for significant purchases and whatever substantiation you have in a safe place, off premises, so your proof will not be destroyed in a fire.
  • Schedule valuable articles.  We suggest having your jewelry appraisals updated every three years, and other items every five years to ensure that your scheduled items are adequately protected.

Yes. If you or someone on your behalf gives false, misleading or incomplete information on any application, your company may refuse to pay claims under any or all of the Optional Insurance coverage of the policy. Such information includes the description and place of garaged vehicles and/or names of operators. In the event that you have moved since you filled out your initial application, promptly notify your insurance company and the Registry of Motor Vehicles of your new address.